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The Boy in the Second Portrait

Detail of boy in portrait of Cecil CalvertUntil this distinguished portrait was reproduced in the Burlington Magazine, (London, December, 1933), it had been generally assumed that the child was Charles, son of the subject, who grew up to be the third Lord Baltimore. Its publication, however, moved art historians to question the supposed date, 1640, in view of the costumes worn by the two principal figures, which were pronounced too late in design for this period. Eminent specialists asserted that the dress of the adult figure indicated the reign of Charles II and fixed 1670 as the approximate date.

Investigation has shown that Cecil, born 1667, eldest son of Charles, and grandson and namesake of Lord Baltimore, went with his father to England in 1669 and remained for one year, thus sustaining the 1670 theory. Further evidence is found in the countenance of Lord Baltimore, which indicates a man past the prime of life. In 1640 he was only thirty-five years of age, while the face of this portrait is more nearly that of a man sixty-five, his age in 1670. No doubt exists that the lad is Cecil, the grandson.

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